harmonics suggestions

Hi there,

is there currently any way to change the style of the harmonics noteheads? I tried changing the diamonds notehead set, but it doesn’t seem to affect harmonics. To get more into detail: I would like to change the harmonics notehead for whole notes to the symmetrically shaped noteheadDiamondHalfWide.
Speaking of harmonics: You are certainly still working on the playback feature for harmonics, but it would be nice to have an engraving option for harmonics as well, such as Gould’s approach of writing the sounding pitch as a bracketed small note above.

Best wishes!

I believe you can do this: you need to edit the ‘Wide diamond noteheads’ notehead set in Engrave > Notehead Sets.

Alright, I found it, thanks! Will it be possible to center-align “whole note diamond notehead harmonics” in the future? (gosh, what a word) At the moment, there’s no voice column handle for them in the note-spacing tool, as far as I noticed.