Harmonics - wrong octave?

If I convert a note into an artificial harmonic (touch-4-harmonic) via the Properties Panel: Why does Dorico place the harmonic notes into the wrong octave? Thus I have to transpose the fourth 2 octaves down…

If you are converting the sounding pitch to a harmonic retroactively, I think that is creating confusion in the program, which I expect has been designed to create touch-4 harmonics from scratch by entering the fingered pitch and then applying the harmonic on top of it.

But if I enter a fourth and then convert it to a harmonic I get this:


Although I’m used to it, I’ve never entirely understood the logic for this either. More intuitive to me would be to notate correctly based on the actual played pitch entered through MIDI input as is the case for a natural harmonic.

If I understand you correctly, instead of entering a perfect fourth and changing the top note to a harmonic, try this:

  • Enter the bottom note only (not a perfect fourth)
  • in the Properties panel, make it an artificial harmonic
  • The partial defaults to 2 (touch octave); make this 4 instead (touch 4)

There has been some debate on the forum about whether artificial harmonics should default to 2 or 4. For orchestral strings, touch 4 is most common; but for guitar, touch 2 is most common.


Thank you, yes, I have noticed the debate. But I still find it absurd to enter the bottom note which is neither the sounding pitch nor the touchpoint…
It would be a good point for further updates to link the harmonic usage to the respective instruments and to accomodate them since the ways of notation vary.