Harmonies automatically go octave up -problem

When I copy a harmony and paste it to another section of the song (even though its the same changes, same octave) the harmonies automatically go up one octave. Can’t seem to change this. Is there something that I need to hit before I copy it?

try highlighting the said piece and use Ctrl+D to duplicate it straight after then just slide to where you need it. or continue the duplication

Thanks for the reply. I will try that.

Seems logical, but still did not work. I’m stumped. It does it on another tune also.

well then im sorry but i have no idea

Do you have by any chance the chord track enabled?

I think it sounds better if you record it twice anyway… Do you work with Melodyne ? And when we copy and paste it works … All the time. Not you? Id like to help but I dont understand your problem exactly

I don’t work with melodyne. Shall I invest in it? Which one would you suggest?

Basically when I cut and paste the harmonies go up an octave. Even when I record voice further up separately it goes up an octave. Driving me crazy. Is the new melodyne enough to fix this. Do I have to get the complete version?