Harmony Improvisator Midi-out in Cubase 6/6.5


I purchased Harmony Improvisator and tried to make its MIDI out feed other VSTs. Similar to the HowTo for Cubase 5 as presented here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFThqTwZFKI

As you can see from the comments, people cannot get it to work in Cubase 6. Support of the company that made Harmony Improvisator (Synleor) seems dead, but as it does work under Cubase 5, and also works under the freely available VSTHost, I thought someone from Steinberg or a Cubase user could help me out here.

I recently also purchased Cubase 6.5, but the problem persists there. While I can choose HarmonyImprovisator MIDI-out as MIDI-in in some VST, no MIDI data seem to flow.


I had the same problem and found the solution. Convert the plugin through Jbridger to create a compatible 64bit plugin. Then open the new improvisator.64 instance in your VST instrument panel. You’ll see in the bottom left of this new plugin a setting button. Click on it and select performance mode. ET Voila!