Harp: arpeggio plus braces


is there a Dorico way of reproducing this harp notation (handwritten example), or is it against notation convention?

I find braces under the glissando options - but they would disappear if I add the wiggly glissando line. It seems either / or.

Instead of using a “Non Arpeggio” arpeggiation for the braces, you could try using a “Solid vertical line with right pointing hooks”, which can be found in the right panel under Lines. They can be adjusted in Engrave mode.

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Thanks Steven!

(that’s not your picture - actually, your braces look better) :wink:

Of course any harpist would divide the hands that way anyway, so the marking seems superfluous. But I’m sure you are recopying something that has to match.

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yes Mark, the source is a handwritten edition of a 1911 piece by Quilter.