Harp Diagram not appearing


I’ve been browsing the forum trying to find a solution, but nothing has worked. I have a solo harp piece and I’d like to make the pedals into a diagram; unfortunately, when I select the “Diagram” option, nothing changes. Furthermore, I can’t get Dorico to display anything other than a partial pedaling - even when the partial pedaling option is not selected.

I’ve tried to mess with the Layout Options and the Properties panel to no avail. I’m sure it’s a user error on my part, as my friend has no trouble displaying the pedals in his score, but we’re unsure what else to try.


If I choose to Calculate Harp Pedals again, it changes to a diagram (if I’ve selected the diagram in Layout Options). I cannot change from the diagram back to note names.

Calculate Harp Pedals works differently dependent on what’s selected on the page: if a single note is selected, Dorico looks as far ahead as it can. If multiple notes are selected, Dorico only calculates pedal changes for those notes.

The layout option is for how full pedal changes are displayed. There are Engraving Options for how partial pedal changes are displayed, including the threshold for how many simultaneous pedal changes should require a full list/diagram.

I’m pretty sure that in both cases things can be overridden from the properties panel, but for some reason unknown to me, some of these properties only work if the “Set local properties locally/globally” switch is set to “Locally”.

Thank you.

I can make changes from the Engraving Options but not the properties panel. Any thoughts on that?

See my last paragraph.


This is extremely unintuitive, but it works.