Harp gliss with notes

I have an orchestral sheet, written in Finale (not by me…) as xml. In the harp part there are gliss with notes, as in this screenshot Harp.png.

If I make the import to Dorico it looks like Xml Import.png… Any suggestions?


Jürgen Grimm

It looks like the notes may be the correct length but just in the wrong spots (and then some of the rests that were hidden in Finale are also now appearing).

Try this:

Activate insert mode. Select the two quarters and the two 32nds in bar 99. Press delete.

Does that fix that little snippet? If so, you may need to do a similar operation for the next bit (just delete the amount of rests you need to make it so the downbeats land on downbeats).

Now… to get the rests in bar 98 to go away. You should be able to just select those and use Edit > Remove Rests.

Thank you very much! I use Dorico as a Newbie, Sibelius since 20 years… So I have to get used to the new concept. But the program is really great so far. Thanks a lot!