Harp glissando notation improvement

Hello, I hope the team is considering to develop a faster and easier way to write unmeasured harp glissandos with the “cue notes”.
One possible way could be to have a field in the bottom panel where to insert the “small notes” in plain text, in this case Dorico should figure the right octave from the first “big” note of the glissando and attach them to the staff.
Another way could be to input all the notes in the staff as regular notes, select the first and the last note and hit a “glissando button” which will transform the in-between notes in “steamless cue notes” and add the gliss line.
At the moment the only guide I could find is the one by John McKinnon available here. If there is a better way please do post a tutorial.
Thank you in advance.

The resource is great! Thanks for sharing.

Quick question: has this been implemented in Dorico yet (other than using the workaround as indicated in the John McKinnon youtube video)?

No, there haven’t been any developments in this area.

I guess there are no French impressionists in the Dorico team at the moment.

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My guess is they already have a lot on their plate.

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