Harp harmonics & playback

Following this thread https://forums.steinberg.net/t/harp-harmonics/764969 I thought to go directly to the Properties panel and set artificial harmonics there. It plays back correctly, but Dorico does not trigger the keyswitch, because the Playing Technique symbol wasn’t used.

Would it be better just to use the symbol, and adjust the Expression Map to transpose an octave? Referring to the image, I’d prefer to use the treble-clef variety over the bass, other things being equal.

the bass clef notation, however, IS the correct notation for harp harmonics.

Acknowledged. Thanks.

I happen to have created the expression map for harp in PianoTeq this morning. I will share that in the forum as soon as I am sure it covers everything… I didn’t use the harmonics property because I don’t know what playback technique it triggers, so it was easier for me to use the general playing technique that triggers pt.Naturalharmonic1, and then create the instance in the expression map. Check your expression map for whatever instrument your using to make sure there’s a perfect match between the playback techniques triggered :wink:
Btw, the harmonics played by PT’s harp is not a mere octaviated note, it really sounds like an harmonic note ^^

Edit: if anyone knows which playback template is triggered by the properties, please share that knowledge in the thread!


I believe it’s “Natural harmonic 1” (pt.naturalHarmonic1).

Does the harmonic sound an octave higher than notated in PianoTeq (or in your expression map)? I have been told that that would be the correct way to notate them…(?)

Yes, it sounds exactly where it should, one octave above the notated note (with the o above the notehead).

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Thanks Daniel . I’ll try to make it work like that then, and will report back in case I can’t make it :sweat_smile:

For me, “Harp Harmonic” corresponds to “pt.harpHarmonic”, no number. I’m using VSL Vienna Instruments Harp 2. I’ve set the relevant xp map entry to transpose an octave – the patch sounds at concert pitch.

Not using the properties panel now. Since my harp harmonic symbol has a Default star, I guess I must have created it myself.

What you need to check is the expression map used with that harp instrument ! Which playback technique has to be triggered to play harmonics with VSL?

We might be at crossed purposes here, Marc, because my setup is working.

Sounding an octave higher is the modern way of notating harp harmonics. Sounding at written pitch is the old way of doing things and expected in older harp pieces but no more. Hope that helps, albeit a little late notice.