Harp Muffle Symbol

Is there a harp muffle symbol in Bravura (or any Dorico/Sibelius font), or can it be constructed in some way. I strongly prefer to use fonts rather than have to use a graphics frame. There are a number of detailed harp muffles, but all I need for now is the plain circle with horizontal and vertical large “plus sign” as in the lower .


The Harmon mute symbol in the brass section of the playing techniques panel might be OK.

If not, you could use the symbol editor in Engrave mode to combine a circle and a + symbol and scale them to get the shape you want, or you could import a symbol from a different font.

The symbol exists in Playing Techniques under Pitched Percussion.


Relevant characters defined in Smufl are:
U+E5EB (damp specific strings) (This is the sign described by OP)
U+E638 (Damp) (Also as described by OP, but smaller)
U+E639 (Damp all)
U+E63B (Damp for stem)
U+E68C (muffle totally)
U+E697 (Damp only low strings)
U+E698 (Damp with both hands)
U+E699 (Damp below)
U+E69A (Damp above)

There are plenty of similar symbols in the Harp section, but not one exactly like the OP’s picture.

The “damp specific strings” symbol is called “Harmon mute stem out” (unless it also has an alias name that I didn’t see).

Thanks, all, for the very useful suggestions!



The shape of the harp muffle symbol is slightly different in Gould’s Behind Bars. I found one that was similar in the Norfolk Standard Font and created my own symbol. It looks virtually identical.

Just to say that Norfolk is Bravura, but under a different name and with all the glyphs shuffled around to make it compatible with Sibelius, so you don’t need to go looking for symbols in Norfolk, as all of its symbols are already included in Bravura anyway.