Harp Pedal diagram or marking not generated dorico 5 pro

I tried so many times to enter harp pedal marking on dorico 5 pro using shift P then notes such as “CDbEbFbGbAbBb” then enter key. Nothing happens. I used different combination of pedals. None of them generates pedal marking. What dd I do wrong? Do I need to enter specific command before entering note names?

Spent more than hour figuring this out. My file was originally an music SML file that I moved from Sibelius to Dorico 5. I tried to change the instrument in the setup and selected harp (BTW, it was harp from the beginning, and had no problem playing it as harp), then it is now generating harp pedal in a box.

Sorry that you had problems with this. We should really provide an easier way for you to tell what underlying instrument type is really used for each instrument in your project, so that you can troubleshoot situations like this more efficiently. I’ve made a note of the requirement and will think about it.