Harp Pedal - font

@ Mark_Johnson: Correct, but there is no way to show it in the part.

To your question why this would be more readable: It is not the reading but the writing that makes -, v or ^ much easier and faster to use during studying or rehearsal, than having to notate little vertical lines above or under a horizontal line. Of course you can read the diagrams and notate v and ^ , but it would be an advantage to be able to show all three kinds of notation (also the letters) throughout the part.

In addition to the above: it’s not something I come up with; harpists use the v-^way of notation.

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You can just type it in staff text if you really want it to appear that way. But if you type the very same thing in the popover, you get the diagram, so I don’t see the advantage, even for entry. If harpists are actually using this, isn’t it just because they are having to type text?

Hi Mark,
Thanks for replying.
In my last reply I tried to convey that if you put ^v - in the popup, it will not show this way of notation, it automatically switches to the diagram/letter notation. Why not show it if harpists use it? Putting it in a staff text would nullify the harp pedal function in Dorico, which is quite nice.

I’m sorry, I don’t see what you mean by ‘harpists …having to type text’? How is a harpist typing text when rehearsing?

Well, you likely know more about current practice than I do. But I (and the Team, no doubt) would like to see examples of this in use.

I guess they write with a pencil in the printed part, no?
So easy to write manually that way.

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@Mark_Johnson : Here you are:

One of many examples, randomly picked from a harp part used by a professional harpist.

There have been a number of threads on harp pedalling (like this).

My takeaway is that professional harpists prefer to add their own pedal marks at the places they want to make changes.

I also have harp parts from music of mine that has been performed where the harpist has made pedal notes using the traditional “bar” notation.

Dorico doesn’t need to mimic handwritten notes and link it to their Harp Pedal subroutine. One can add them as text fields if one has a mind to.


@Janus : Correct, that’s why I always have a harpist check my (Dorico) pedal settings. In most cases I don’t write harp pedal settings at all because of the reason you mention in your post.

I only put diagrams in for glissandi, although I may show them temporarily elsewhere to make sure I haven’t written something impossible to play.