Harp pedal notation in Dorico 5

After installing Dorico 5 my harp pedal notation looks like this:
Harp pedals_Dorico 5
‘Harp Pedal settings’ in Paragraph Styles - Library - were automatically set to ‘Harpfont’ after installing.
When changing the Harp pedal settings back to ‘Academico’, they look normal again.
I would expect ‘Harpfont’ to show a correct notation?

There’s no ‘Harpfont’ on my system after installing Dorico 5. I doubt it is part of Dorico.

Indeed, I suspect you have at some point edited the default harp pedaling paragraph style and saved that change as a default to your user library.

Thanks for your replies which raise a couple of new questions to me. I will not go into these, more important is: what should be the ‘regular’ Paragraph style setting for harp pedal text and how do I save that to be a default? I don’t see that option in Paragraph styles.

Open up the Library Manager and check the paragraph styles for differences with the factory library.

kind of a related thing - sort of, is how when going back to factory defaults (say on settings) it does it in one go. There’s no ‘Apply’ cycle. Tiny thing, but I keep finding that confusing. For example I would reset the Playback setting defaults to factory to pick up the new humanizing, and when I hit the button it immediately applies, not giving me the option of applying them. So I go back into the settings to double check that they did apply, since I wasn’t confident. Also going through the Apply button cycle gives us a chance to change our minds or if we did it by mistake.

The Library Manager doesn’t work this way, but AFAIK on the settings dialogs it does, with revert to factory. Small thing but thought I’d mention it.

If I do that, the only difference is in Font size (10 instead of 11 in factory setting). No mentioning of a ‘Harp font’.

The default settings for the Harp Pedal Settings paragraph style should be to use Academico, Regular, 12pt.