Harp pedaling 3.5

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t get Dorico 3.5 to write any pedaling. This is what I do:

  1. In Layout - Players - Harp Pedaling I tick "Show harp pedalingº with the appearance of Diagram.

  2. In Write mode, I select the first note of the first bar, or even the whole bar.

  3. In the Write menu, I select Calculate Harp Pedals.

Result: nothing happens, aside from the note or notes being deselected.

If I do NOT tick "Show harp pedalingº and follow the same steps, then an informative green box appears above the staff saying “Harp Pedal Diagram” and the corresponding notes. But no actual diagram on the score.

The same behavior if instead of Diagram I choose Note Names.


Hi Pluton4!
Could there be a font problem? If you’re on PC, did you make sure to restart your computer after updating to 3.5?

Well, I’m on Mac and I hadn’t restarted, but I did after your suggestion and it did the trick!

Thank you very much

I’m on Mac too and did not expect this to be necessary on our machines, but I am glad it helped!

What view are you in? Pedaling only shows in the part, not the score.

Pedaling shows in the score if you set the layout options to display it. Pedaling for harp glissandos is sometimes shown in the score, instead of wasting space on small notes to show the harp tuning required (and also wasting the time it takes to create and format the small notes).

I was in Page View, Write…