Harp pedaling horizontal position

Is there a way to customize the default horizontal position of pedal changes? Many harpists prefer to align, to the notehead, the accidental instead of the letter in a pedal change. The only way I can find of doing this is manually move the pedal change in Engrave mode; but I have to do it one by one. Any way of setting it for an entire project?

On the same line (of customizing), is there a way of customizing the default size? I can’t find the font style of Harp pedals or the setting in Engrave settings. Again, is the only way one by one?

Have you checked the options in Engraving Options > Harp Pedalling? If memory serves me correctly, there’s a relevant option in there.

As to the font, it’s Engrave > Paragraph Styles > Harp Pedal Settings.

Oh, it’s in Paragraph Styles. I was searching for Font Styles! Thanks, Leo.

About the first issue, yes; I’ve gone through all the Harp Pedaling options but the only thing about horizontal position is the distance between two pedal changes, not the alignment.

I’ve bee fiddling with the Paragraph Styles settings of Harp Pedal. Using a negative First line indent (-8,5pts), I can get the pedal changes align the accidental with the notehead. The issue is that the second line doesn’t indent (even if I change the indentation setting), so the left pedals always remain un-aligned.
Can anyone think of another solution (other than manually aligning each single pedal change).