Harp pedaling lines

I’ve been enjoying soooooooo much all of the new features in Dorico 3. It’s really awesome. And it gets me excited knowing it will just keep getting better.
One of the new features I’m using a lot is the harp pedaling; it’s one of a kind. Spectacular.
I would like to suggest adding the possibility of lines to the pedal changes (see image attached; I’m faking it with playing techniques and fiddling with engraving settings… not an elegant solution at all). It’s an essential and useful feature for harp editions (it’s something that’s been in use even before Salzedo’s The Modern Study of the Harp). It’s needed not just for pedal changes, but for pedal glissandos and for metallic sounds (some times).
Also, as I mentioned in another related thread, the possibility to customize the vertical alignment relative to the notehead.
Thanks to the team for the marvelous work!

Yes, we discussed this with our beta testers during the development period and agree that it would be a good improvement for future versions. It’s something we will hopefully be able to add in future, though we’re unlikely to be spending significantly more time on harp pedaling imminently.