Harp Pedaling

Thanks to forum user “tisimst”, I’ve figured out how to add Harp Pedal Diagrams.

They can be added using Shift-X for Text, and you can copy and paste the glyphs from the following chart. (You’ll need to use Bravura or another SMuFL compatible font.)


Obviously they won’t play back at this point, and I’m curious what plans are for handling playback of harp glyphs and glissandi, etc.

Several harp VI’s out there allow controllers to operate the pedals. If each glyph (or pedal indicator in the diagram) could have playback parameters to allow setting one or more controllers, then both a pedal diagram, and using single pedal changes indicated by the note name in text, would playback correctly for harp VI’s with pedal input. Something else would have to be worked out for harp samples without that support.

Daniel mentioned in another thread that pedaling for Harp and arpeggio lines will be supported in a forthcoming update.

Thanks for the link !



Anyone know if harp pedaling has been implemented yet? (v1.0.30)

Not yet.

FWIW, this procedure also works in Dorico, for the mere graphical stuff…

The thing with that procedure is that you can only insert text. Harp pedaling needs lines as well (see attachment). But anyways, it IS useful for at least pedal diagrams and basic pedal changes.
Harp pedaling example.png