Harp pedalling with text

Whilst awaiting harp pedalling proper, I’ve tried to get around it with text. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way of entering natural or sharp and so ended up printing out the part and using a pencil! Something I’ve not used for 20 years! Any help would be most gratefully received.

Maybe you can get some ideas here (the procedure also works in Dorico…)

Many thanks but I can’t see how to do this in Dorico.

Having selected the symbol in your Dorico score where you want to attach the text, hit Shift-X. In the popover that appears, select the font you want to use. If you use the Engraver font family, typing n, s and f will give you the natural, sharp and flat symbols, whereas shift-A,B,C,D,E,F,G will give you the notenames. There are other methods, but this is the easiest…

I am once again very grateful for your help but still unable to achieve what I want. I actually want to insert text in a blank space between two chords to indicate a harp pedal change (Cb is easy but natural or sharp is not). In Sibelius I could use cmd 7,8 or 9 for this. Your suggestion to select a symbol is the first problem - I’ve tried selecting a note, a rest and can indeed get the pop-over with shift-x but maybe I don’t know how to get the right font family. I tried Engraver MT from the list and a few others but still can’t get n,s and f as the symbols I want. i’ve also tried inserting a text frame in Engraver Mode but same problem. Apologies for my ignorance - I’m a musician not a computer expert. Any further hints would be most welcome. Thank you.

As far as I know, there is no way to type the accidentals directly, using the fonts that come with Dorico (Bravura and Bravura text) so one has to resort to some copy/paste. (In older, non unicode music fonts (Like EngraverText that comes with Finale) this is somewhat easier, as mentioned initially.)

If you are on Windows, then open Charmap.exe and select the font Bravura Text. Click on the Advanced View option at the bottom. In the search field type natural, flat and sharp in turn and click on copy. They should get you to the correct symbols. When back in Dorico paste them as text, making sure the Bravura text font is selected. You now have the symbols in a Dorico text string, and you can copy them from there to other text strings as needed, without going into the Charmap. In Engrave mode/menu you can also define a Paragraph style using Bravura Text. That could save a few steps if you do this often.

That’s very useful thank you. Actually I’m on Mac but I’m sure I can find similar. This was easy in Sibelius so I’m sure it’ll be added in due course but for now I’ll do as you recommend. Anything to avoid using that pencil again!

Then you of course have the symbols in the Sibelius font, but probably not in the same font as the alphanumeric glyphs… I’d rather recommend having a look here…. Check out the font called Harp Pedals. It works like this: QWERTYU = flats, ASDFGHJ=naturals, ZXCVBNM=sharps. And it works fine in Dorico too :slight_smile:

Have downloaded the Hindson folder -many thanks. And have already achieved your copy/paste suggestion from the Mac Fonts program using Bravura text. I think I’m there now. Really grateful.

I think that for now, this is the fastest way:
Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 16.30.11.png