Harp pedals above staff as default

When I change the default placement of harp pedaling in the Layout Options to “Above Staff” - and then enter the pedal changes - the pedals remain centered between the staves.

It seems to be impossible to have the pedals go above the staff as a default, and I do not like the idea to move each pedal marking individually afterwards.

I appreciate if anyone can tell me what I am overlooking.

This isn’t a direct answer to your question, but you can do it in one action. After you’ve entered them all, use Select More to select them all, and in the Properties panel, set them to Above.

thank you - that is a great advice. I am going to do that if it proves impossible to make Dorico default to above staff pedaling.

Dorico does not provide a means to show harp pedaling above the top staff of the harp by default, I’m afraid.

The next section below “Harp Pedaling” on the Players page is “Figured Bass”, which does have an above/below staff option - is that what you’ve seen?

It would be nice if it would be possible to have the pedals default to above or below the staff. Apparently many harp players prefer that notation - and the explanation I have heard is that they like to write their own pedal markings between the staves.

Yes, exactly - it would be nice to have that option for the harp pedaling as well.

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