Harp pedals


I exported a Harp Musicxml file from Cubase 9.5, but importing it to Dorico 3 the " calculate harp pedals" does not work.
Can anyone help me?


Welcome to the forum Miklos.
I’m wondering if perhaps your harp instrument hasn’t actually been recognised as a harp by Dorico.
Try going to Setup mode, clicking the disclosure arrow to the left of the Harp player, clicking on the disclosure arrow to the right of the Harp instrument, then clicking Change Instrument. Then search the instrument picker for Harp (just start typing!). Then click the Change button in the bottom right corner.
Now does “Calculate Harp Pedals” work?

Thank you for help me!

So,I did everything you suggested me earlier and now just repeted it. I’ve founded the instrument name Arpa, changed, but the result is the same:-((
but if I wright something right in Dorico for harp, it works excellent.

sorry, all the best miklos

That’s very odd. Could you maybe cut the Dorico file down to just a few bars of your imported harp music, then zip the Dorico project and upload here? That way we might be able to figure out what’s going wrong.

I started from the beginning, importing once again the xml file and now WORKS!