Harpist arpeggios before down beat - notation?


I would like my Harpist to play the timing of my arpeggio like this image;

But this is as far as I have got. I am still needing ties but I am not finding an elegant workaround.
Harp notation.png
Also, how can I remove the crotchet beat on the first beat with the bar that contains the grace notes, but still have the 3 singe crotchet rests visible?

Any thoughts for possible workarounds would be most welcomed.


You don’t need an elegant workaround for ties - just select the grace notes (the quickest way is to click on the beam) and hit T.
Put a crotchet rest on the downbeat of the first bar with Force Duration, like so:

  1. Invoke caret on downbeat.
  2. Type , (for rest input)
  3. Type O (for Force Duration)
  4. Type 6 (for crotchet)
  5. Type Y or any letter from A-G to enter a rest.

Thank you Leo again… Much appreciated for your quick reply!