Harrison Consoles Mixbus V3

Has anyone tried the new Mixbus V3 yet? I had the old version, and often use it to master stuff… but this new one… oh, man. V3 is a full-fledged DAW. I wouldn’t replace Cubase with it, but when I take the tracks recorded in Cubase, dry, and use only the channel strips on the busses in MBv3… let’s just say I am very impressed. In about 10 minutes I had useable mix without using a single plug-in.

I will see if I can’t post a clip or two before the end of the week. I have a feeling it is going to become part of my regular workflow. Print the stems (including any MIDI work—separate drum tracks and all) in CUBASE, and do the final mix in MBv3.

I got the original in a no-brainer deal for like $30US or something, so my upgrade was only $40US. Just another tool in the kit.


It looks awesome but how come it’s so cheap…I’m thinking how can it be so good if it’s so cheap…stupid I know, it’s on sale at 79USD at the mo and I’m thinking of buying it…what has Cubase got that this aint ?

best, Kevin

Hi Kevin,

Cubase has a lot of advanced features that this does not, but not any basic features it does not. For one thing, the sequencer and scoring features of Cubase blow Mixbus away. Once more, I would also say that some of the basic features in Cubase are more elegant to use (there are convenient controls and nicer GUI access). Cubase is more powerful, overall, period.

The thing about Mixbus is the sound you can get out of it within minutes of laying your tracks in. Whoa.

Why so cheap? They need to “buy” marketshare, AND they have a plug-in subscription scheme that, once people hear how good Mixbus sounds, well, I have a feeling people will sign up for it.

Also, have you noticed how everyone from Waves to Softube is running specials on particular plugs at fractions of their original cost… weekend specials, monthly specials, etc. It’s crowded out there. Harrison needs some ears to give it a try. That’s my theory, at least.


cheers Mark, than you for your answer…reckon I’ll give it a go :slight_smile: