Harrison Plugins Prevent Cubase from Loading

I recently installed the “SSL Complete” plugin bundle from Slate Digital. In addition to the SSL plugins, the bundle also comes with a handful of Harrison plugins, three of which have a license included… but for some reason, installing the full bundle also installs several Harrison plugins for which a license is not included. When loading the Cubase software (10.5), a prompt-screen asks me to activate each of those unlicensed plugins. I don’t have the licenses, of course, so I can’t do that, and I press “Quit.” Then another prompt-screen asks for me to activate the next plugin, and so on, for all eleven plugins, before Cubase will finally load a project. This is, obviously, tedious. In an attempt to resolve it, I first blacklisted the plugins, but that didn’t fix the issue. Then I uninstalled the plugins using SSL’s proprietary installer-manager, but this didn’t correct the issue either. Currently, all of the rouge plugins still appear in my Cubase “blacklist” folder. The main folders for these uninstalled plugins don’t even seem to exist on my hard drive, yet Cubase still seems to think they are there, and it still wants me to “activate” them. How can I tell Cubase to NOT try to load/activate these plugins every time I start the program? Thanks.

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Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

On Mac, if you put something to the trash, it’s still visible for the application. You have to empty the trash.

I’m a Windows user.


Could you try to trash the Cubase preferences folder to get the factory settings and force Cubase to the big plug-in scan, please?

Hi, I just fixed this for me…
Whilst i was searching here i did a search on my computer for harrison…
Turns out there were more harrison files in common/vst…
I deleted these and am back up and running.
Im on a pc.I was about to trash the prefs as suggested here.I didnt need to.
Cheers hope this also works for you.

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Oh wow. That was it. Thank you! Issue resolved.

I’d actually contact SSL about it too as it is to do with the management of their plugins:

I have a mastering plugin of theirs. I did find it annoying that they made you install a full suite and you only have a license for one item.