Has 9.5.2 fixed the Disappearing Plugin issue?

Finally got hit with the disappearing plugin problem, after months of being on win10 and cubase 8.5

Should I upgrade to 9? Will that fix it? Seeing that it pretty much ruined an important project, I’m not sure what to do. Leave cubase, leave windows, etc. I don’t want to be in the middle of a project and have this issue again.

improved perhaps but not fixed…but if what you said in your other post was true (80% of your plugs suddenly missing) I think you have something else going on.

The situation is improved compared to Cubase 9 and 9.5, now you can load about as many completely different plugins as Cubase 8.5, which most people seem to be OK with.

They’re slowly rolling out changes that will allow you to load more plugins. When 9.5.30 comes out, you should be able to load more different plugins than 8.5.

But yes, your issue seems to be something else, not the Windows DLL limit issue. Maybe you could try the Cubase 9.5 trial and see if the plugins load there.