Has an Actual Date Been Set for the WL8 DL?

Hello All–

I’ve been reading posts about the announcement of the release of WL8, but all I see is “early May”. :neutral_face:

Has an actual date/day been announced of when the WL8 full version download will be available for WL7 owners?

Thank you,

TimoWildenhain (Timo) wrote:

we’re currently in the process of shipping WaveLab to the distribution channel. I expect that
the Steinberg Online Shop will offer the WaveLab 8 updates beginning of next week.


AFAIK, it’s a matter of days, not weeks…

I’m too anxious. Any idea how large the DL file is? :nerd:

who said weeks?

Ahahah, WL8 was a hard work, right?

Great PG!

This is more exciting than Christmas for me.