Has anybody actually used VST connect

Reading this forum, It seems that VST connect doesn’t actually work yet Steinberg are still trying to sell it?
I was thinking about buying it but tried SE first (which doesn’t work) reading the posts here is quite frightening as it just doesn’t seem to work for anyone…
Has anybody found a working alternative?

Yes, I have used it (both SE and Pro) over the past few days, and have it working. I’ve not yet done a whole session, just testing functionality. As was indicated in your other thread, it’s possible to have a mismatch of versions, I would try the latest Performer version and the latest Cubase Pro version on the engineer side.

If you want to test I’m happy to help, shoot me a pm.

Hi Steve, that would be great… Im trying to test it myself with VST Connect SE on my PC and VST Performer on my MacBook they see each others names and the Performer lights up etc but Connect remains grayed out and lifeless.

Are you using the Id login or the Steinberg.net login?

Im using my steinberg login details

Try using the Id login instead to connect your computers, and they also have to be on separate networks for SE to work. But there’s a VST Connect Pro trial available.

Not sure what you mean by ID Log in?

OK I click the ‘ID’ box put in my user name and I get a number

Then you send that number to person running Performer

What version of Cubase are you running?

Got Somebody tried to connect to you, but uses an incompatible version

Im runing 10.5

Got Somebody tried to connect to you, but uses an incompatible version

Yes, i saw the dialog.

The exact version number. 10.5.12?

10.5.0 Build 68

Update to the latest version, we can’t test otherwise.

doing it now

I have lights - i can hear you :slight_smile:

We got it working. Main thing was the OP had to update to the latest Cubase Pro release.

great, good to know!

I can now connect but cant record :frowning: I know its something I need to do at my end, is there a simple setup guide I can access?

You gotta read this carefully: http://connectvst.com