Has anybody else noted this curiosity?

On my system, there is a significant difference in the time it takes to Duplicate a track based on whether I use the Right/Option Click mouse menu versus the Key Command. The Key Command is nearly instant while the mouse click takes a good bit longer and flashes a brief screen dialog box in the process.

Does that seem odd to anyone else? The same result happens either way, but they appear to be very different route to that result. Leftover code from the dawn of time or ???

Is this true on other’s systems. I’m on PC Win 7/64 here.

Maybe one of the processes needs to talk to the usb port?

Can not repro here on Mac 10.10. Mouse or shortcut takes same time.



Anybody on a PC confirm?

Hi, yes I see a delay. Not significant enough of a delay to worry about but I also experience the same without the dialogue box you mentioned appearing.

It’s not that the slight extra delay bothers me. It’s that I don’t understand why there appear to be 2 different processes to accomplish the same thing, as opposed to the mouse click vs Key Command triggering the same identical process.

Seriously, I think that Cubendo is now old enough, and complicated enough, that there are all manner of parallel and/or similar-but-not-identical functions handling things under the hood.

I suspect that Cubendo is increasingly difficult to advance, in terms of programming, without unintentionally breaking some of those similar-but-not-identical processes. I give you the VCA debacle. At some point, there is going to have to be some serious elbow grease invested into cleaning things up in order to proceed forward, I expect.

I remember when Euphonix decided to rewrite their S5 console software almost from scratch because they were literally painting themselves into a corner in terms of development options. I heard that info directly from the mouth of the software engineers during a visit to their headquarters in about 2007. Cubendo seems, at least to me, to be heading for somewhat of a similar rewrite, if not as complete.

Just my own musings for no particular reason.

I am sure that the code to actually duplicate a track is the same per se. Considering the mouse route needing to interact with the GUI, whereas the keyboard has not apparent relation to it, one can perhaps build some sort of understanding for the experience in question. This view would also explain any difference in delay times between capabilities of various systems.

Except that it’s the different between less than 1 second versus 4 or 5 seconds on an i7-5960X overclocked to 4.3GHz with 32 GB of memory and a Samsung 850 Pro SSD system drive. Bascially, as fast a system as money can currently buy.

More to it than an extra GUI interaction, I am sure. An approximately 400% difference in time to complete.

It might as well be an extensive usb check that is only triggered when using the gui and not the key command. What would be so unusual about this?
Do you use a hub?
Do you use an old (longer) elicenser or the newer, smaller device?