Has anybody tried exporting audio using external VST libraries using Dorico 3.5?

This could be a problem with my setup, but I have Dorico playing back my VST libraries fine now. I thought I would see if I could export the audio as separate players with a view to importing them into a DAW and replacing some sample playback parts with real instruments. Dorico ends up hanging during the export… somewhere between 25-35% of the export? I’ve tried it a few times and the same result.

Has anybody tried this and had success with it?

We had cases where the path could become too long or special characters were used.
Please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the resulting zip file here. Thanks

I had an export audio issue last night. After reading this answer, I eliminated the # from my file name, and some extra folder structure, (Dorico makes a folder structure when exporting.) Problem solved!