Has anyone actually tried Cubase on Windows 10?

Did anyone try Cubase 8 on Windows 10 already?


yes, Cubase 8.0.10 on the latest public build of W10 (I think it’s 10049) is running without problems here.

But I can’t make real-life comparisons with my Win8 installation: i would have to install all 3d party VST(i)'s on the Win10 partition in order to do that and I’m not willing to… Komplete, EZDrummer, Superior Drummer, Kontakt libraries… it would take me hours while those prerelease builds are coming in faster every time. And all my projects use at least one of those plugin’s so I can’t test any of my C8 projects in Win10.

So the good news so far:

  • C8 installs without problems
  • C8 runs without problems (without external plugins installed)
  • M-Audio’s ASIO drivers are functional in W10


Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to trying it myself very much.

I did an install on 10 myself and it was fine… Support will tell you to wait till they support though. Which I agree with.

I ran Cubase 8 on Win 10 for a month or so, no issues.

Edit: but that is just on my own personal system, and I am glitch-tolerant :wink:

I have just started working on a new computer set up with Windows 8. The hours spent installing software - well days actually - mean that I would have to be really convinced about possible benefits of migrating. I have only just got to feeling happy about the performance of C8 on Windows 8.1.
I am beginning to enjoy the C8 experience, so will not make the move.
What are the benefits of W10?

It seems faster, better layout ( imo) For me, it is like xp grew up :slight_smile:

The latest installments of windows allowed upgrades which didn’t require a reformat. Backing up all your data is still very much recommended though!

One note, when the official windows 10 is released, it wil not be possible to update your windows 10 preview installation, only new installation (with or without format) can be applied or an upgrade from windows 8.1.

Remember the free upgrade is only for private persons, companies still need to buy licenses. Upgrade can only be done from windows 7 and windows 8.1 official licensed installations.

Hi all,

Just a feedback on windows 10 PRO and Cubase 8 PRO.
Yesterday I’ve downloaded “Windows 10 PRO Technical Preview Build 10240”, I’ve been able to install Cubase 8.0.20 PRO, Wavelab 8.5, all my plugin Stuff (UAD-2) and the CC121 without any problem.
Everthing is working perfectly, I’ve open my last projects without any problem.

However I’ve not passed in review all mains funtion just try to open current project and play it. I’ve also perform a new project (recording audio, midi track …), no problem, working well.

So has anyone here actually TRIED Cubase for themselves on Windows 10? If so, what was your experience?

I really want to upgrade to Windows 10 but this warning from Steinberg is quite ominous albeit vague. However, there are users saying Cubase works fine on Windows 10 x64. There’s no telling how long it will take Steinberg to remedy whatever problem there is, but realistically they couldn’t possibly let issues go on for too long considering that Windows is a widely used platform and there are computers that are going to come with W10 pre-installed pretty soon that are going to attempt to run Cubase.

From what I hear from MANY, W10 blows W7 out of the water.

So far so good on Win10 for me. I installed everything this morning, have been running Cubase since then, no problems. I mean, Cubase 8 is pretty buggy on any OS so really it’s not saying much, but it’s not running any worse than it did on Win7 or Win8 (yet). I am very curious about the timing issues that were mentioned. So far my audio and MIDI timing has seemed correct, so I don’t really know what that means.

It’s the same for me also. It still functions and acts the same when it was still on windows 8. It may be different for other computers, depending on your hardware possibly. If anything, be cautious when you upgrade to windows 10 or wait until Steinberg gives the “OK” to do it, because you never know if it will actually cause problems for cubase on your computer. For me, it was more or less, “F**k it, upgrade” kind of moment.

Definitely agreed there. Don’t do it unless you can go without using Cubase on that machine for a while. I have backup Win7 and OSX rigs that I’m using so it’s no big deal take the chance with a new untested OS. I’m just very afraid that all the problems will suddenly jump out at me as soon as I feel confident enough to really sit down and work on the Win10 machine…

Tried it out, and it is not working well. First Cubase wouldn’t even start after updating, it crashed while loading. I had to reinstall soundcard drivers to make it start. Now I can get in, but mediabay is not working - no preview and not able to get media from bay into tracks, dragging and double clicking not working.
And windows are still shifted few pixels each time you open project, and reloading workspace puts them back in place. This was already in win 7, so this bug remains in win10, although Steinberg claimed that it is a win7 problem.

Also be careful about usb devices, for me most of them didn’t work, had to reinstall all one by one. And M-audio Trigger Finger is not working in win10, there is no driver, in win7 it worked without special driver, but in win10 it doesn’t work anymore. Luckily it has classic midi out, so I can use that.

And yes, there is no more Legacy firewire driver in win10. If you need it for firewire devices (like I do for Focusrite Liquid Mix), you have to download it (win8) separately from Microsoft and install it. But it seems it is not the same legacy as it was on win7, although it shows fine in Device Manager. So, for me, LiquidMIx is not working in Cubase 8 anymore, although it works in 32bit version of 7.5.

EDIT: OK, digging in a bit more I solved most problems. USB devices needed driver to be deleted and after reconnecting they work. Mediabay now works, I needed to unclick all selected folders, and rescan them again - all ok now.

I upgraded from 8.1 to 10 and everything seems to be working OK for me.
I have only played around for about an hour playing back old mixes (VST meter seems to go red less than before - especially when opening and closing plugin GUIs), Creating a new project and testing a few tracks, but nothing too in depth or lengthy.

It seems to glitch less when the graphics are doing thins, which was a problem for me before when a plugin was open or pressing F3 to show/hide the mixer.

ONE WARNING - If you have any Waves plugins, move the license to the cloud using the license manager, then move them back after the upgrade.
I upgraded and all of my licenses had disappeared because PC has a difference machine ID in the Waves license manager. Since I hadn’t done too much, I just rolled back to Win8.1, moved my licenses to the cloud, and then upgraded to Win 10 again and moved my licenses from the cloud back to my PC. But, to do so, I had to download the 3GB Win 10 update again.
Would be a major hassle if you are on a slow connection or have a bandwidth quota.

I wish Steinberg would elaborate on what “performance and timing issues” we can expect. If it’s only doing a particular function in a certain situation, it would allow users to decide whether it’s something that affects them, or something they never use. eg. When I read that QT wasn’t working, it didn’t phase me as I don’t do video in Cubase. That was useful.

I’m using a Surface Pro 3 with a Steinberg UR44

Sonicstate: I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24DSP which connects via Firewire. Are you saying it won’t work on Win 10?

According to this, it should:

Now that is a good idea. Hello Steinberg, please advise.

The statement Ed Doll posted in the topic titled “Windows 10 - Please Do Not Upgrade” is too general to let us users make an informed decision.

Regards :sunglasses:

If SB gives specific advice, they will have to support users who took that advice. They want to have all their ducks in a row before doing so.

I have a 2i2 that works fine on one of my machines that I upgraded to Windows 10. I tested it with Guitar Rig and Kontakt in Standalone, Windows Media Player, and Cubase. Everything seems to work fine.