Has anyone combined a CC121 with a Bheringer BCF2000?

I have a CC121 that I like (wish the lights could be turned on/adjusted…hint hint SB :mrgreen: ). It replaced an old Mackie Universal control (that had started acting up).

Though i like the CC121, I do miss the additional faders and was wondering if anyone has tried combining both the CC121 and something like the Bheringer BCF2000? If the two could be used simultaneously, it seems like that coul dbe handy. Use the CC121 for detailed chan control and the Bheri in cases where I just need multiple fader control at the same time.

Anyone tried this before?

I Think this guy did it with 4 BCF 2000(with facelift), and 1 cc121.


Holy crap!!! And an industrial woodworking shop! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Well…I guess it can be done :laughing:

Thanks for the pic’s…I do some woodworking myself and enjoyed seeing the construction project.