Has anyone compare the audio quality between Cubase and Protools?

Cubase is the best in function among DAWs. Have anyone here compare the audio quality of Cubase to Pro tools, Ableton or logic pro. To my ears, all the other DAW is much better in sound qualities. It is noticeable when doing mixing. If you export the individual track from cubase to any of the three DAWs for mixing, it sounds much better. I wonder whether Steinberg has find this issue and has any plan to improve it.

There has been done many comparison tests over the years.
The conclusion, they all sound the same.
They come with different plugins, they don’t sound the same .
The audio engines do, there is really only one way to sum multiple tracks if you are not using algorithms to emulate analog behavior.
You really can’t use your ears to determine a difference, ears are far to unreliable.
On the gearslutz forum, there has been many discussions about that topic. I would suggest joining one of them there.

If it is noticeable you’ve got a problem within how you’ve set up cubase - a common one is using control room and not muting the stereo outs outside of the control room so you get two signals playing at once.

As said - different plugins sound different but the engines sound the same.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I’ll just say, not being able to hear a difference is not the same as there not being a difference.

They null so there is no difference

precisely… and that’s the end of the story! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to reply, but this actually says it all!

The only difference you’ll hear is caused by the plugins used.

Well, Cubase has a superior sound quality. It is spicy, crunchy, mellow - and automatically adapts the falvour to the desires of the user. ;o)

Just kidding.

There is not difference.

And to add: If there WERE a difference - it would be by far hidden by all other factors you influence during your recording and soundcreation. Todays audio processing on the deep level is far away from accoustically relevant dimenstions - an absolute sonically stable foundation for whatever you intend to do.

You mean to tell me 0’s are still 0’s and 1’s are still 1’s?? :open_mouth:

I remember setting up the EXACT mix on Cubase/logic/protocols

Cubase and logic sounded similar A/B.
Protools had this “shine” to it.
Buy this was 3 years ago, there all probs the same now

Has anyone compare the audio quality between Cubase and Protools?

Yes I do it every morning. It’s hard to come to any real conclusion so far.

Check your pan laws. They could be different from DAW to DAW.

There’s been a decades old myth, that somehow, SAW Studio has a sound to it that is noticeably more pleasing than all the DAWs, me thinks it’s the LSD alternate universe GUI.

Me too!

Every morning… i find it helps to keep me regular :laughing:


Cubase has been around for 30 years; I prefer the vintage warmth that only properly broken-in bits can produce.

I’ll get my coat …

Yes, I totally agree. The older programs just have that je ne sais quoi - a warmth, a depth- it can’t be measured or proven- you just gotta believe.

I wasn’t wearing a coat when I arrived… was I?


It’s just a really strange word (to me) and I thought I’d …

I often tap my shoe while driving, creating a sort of lurching and pulsating sensation.

Cubase 5.5 was the most fattestest, hella-supa-dopest sound engine ever. Fattestester, hella-supa-dopester than all the rest.

Thank you. Good night. We love you all.