Has anyone else had this problem?

currently been given the run around trying to access my cubase 12 elements, redownloaded it the other day even though I’d already bought it beforehand, said trial had expired, now it won’t let me progress, says the e-licenser(not USB) I’ve registered has no products showing and everytime I enter the download access code and activation code I get nowhere with it

Tried all that before, says there’s no e license to upgrade, registered the soft e licenser number but still nothing, sometimes it says there’s a programme already in use so won’t allow it to open and go through even when that’s the only thing

Hm. Odd. Did you actually read the the linked page?

Have you understood that there is a new licensing system in place?

Log into your Steinberg account, and have a look.

Yeah I’ve read, think I may need a new e licenser to activate, current get’s registered and then i put in the download access code and then when it comes to choosing the elicenser it won’t let me select one. Idk if that is the case or you know what to do here but I appreciate it

Sorry, the info you give isn’t clear. You should open a support ticket.

The elicenser that’s there for what I’ve purchased doesn’t show as active to upgrade cubase. I don’t know if I need a new one or I’m missing something but followed all the instructions and help on the site. And I’ve made contact to them about the issue 4 days ago or so but sadly no response yet. hoping I can get it sorted soon

Post images of precisely what your talking about.
Did you see this paragraph below?

That makes me think, you didn’t read the page Steve had posted a link.

Did you purchase a full version?

that makes me think you’re not all that helpful and a bit of an arse, if it’s on there and I’ve missed it fair enough hold my hands up but you could be a bit more helpful than just being condescending , and yes if you can see the convo maybe you’d see that

@Sean_Robertson It’s literately in the first section of the webpage Steve gave you.

Early 2022 we began the transition from eLicenser to the new Steinberg Licensing system. Over time, as new versions of our creative tools and instruments are introduced, our entire product line will use Steinberg Licensing.

You’re looking for your license in the wrong place.
Run the application Steinberg Activation Manager, not the eLicenser Control Center.

Right okay my bad on that one, been a while since I’ve used Cubase. Thank you very much been very helpful

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So I’ve tried doing it with all those steps following the guide ect, put in the download access code on the activation manager and when it says do you want to upgrade now and I go through it comes up with this. Am I missing something as I seem to go around in circles.

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If you bought an update from an earlier version, that license needs to be present in the eLCC. Otherwise, the update doesn’t think you have the proper license to update from. Did you have it activated and registered previously (the earlier version)? If so, you need to do a reactivation through your MySteinberg account first before the update will work.

Edit: By the way, you should really edit your post to not include the activation code. I just entered it in the eLCC so I could read the full description. Anyone with an Elements license could use that code right now and you would be totally screwed (currently flagged for moderation).

Thank you I appreciate it I will give this a try and see if it works