Has anyone else seen this weird channel strip behavior?

I can’t enable the Gate. When I click the power button, nothing happens – when I click on the drop-down, I just get this (pic attached).

All the other channel strip modules work fine (saturation, dynamics, etc). Just the Gate has gone missing.

I can, however, load channel strip presets that use the Gate - but if I turn it off, it disappears again!

Any ideas?

It seems, the Gate plug-in has not been found (or installed).

Thanks for the reply.

It’s my understanding that the internal Cubase plugins (like those in the Channel Strip) reside in a single file in the program directory - it’s called something like Cubase Plugin Set.vst3 (I’m not in front of my computer atm). I tried removing that file, and sure enough all the channel strip plugins disappear. When I add it back in, all the channel strip plugins re-appear – except for the Gate.

Truly bizarre…it’s sort of a bummer because I use the Gate constantly :neutral_face: I’m starting to think I should try a full uninstall/reinstall when my deadlines cool off.

it’s happened to me.

the reason was, i had disabled it manually it in the plugins list.

You can enable/disable the Gate plugin in the Plugin Manager, but this affects the insert effect, not the one in the channel strip…to my knowledge, there’s no way to disable individual components in the channel strip - unless I’m missing something? I would love to hear otherwise :slight_smile:

i had accidentally disabled the gate and that disabled engaging it in the Strip.

re-enabling it in the plugin manager fixed this.