Has Anyone Experienced This Problem?

Hi All,
I have successfully converted many VST5 songs to CB Studio 5 through SL3. The problem is, it seems some of the older technology stays intact, most of which is the audio parts. For one, even though I’m in Studio 5, I can’t change the colors of the event parts. It also won’t allow me to have other event part technology like volume adjust or fades. Is this common or am I missing something?
If it’s the way it’s supposed to be, then I guess I’ll have to export all the audio tracks so they will import as updated technology.
Thanks for your thoughts!

What if you bouce the parts choosing to Replace?

Yes, that’s what I meant by exporting the audio tracks so they will import updated. I just thought maybe there was something I could do when exporting from VST5 that would prevent this step.