Has anyone got experience with selling a Cubase upgrade?

I have a retail version of Cubase Elements 7, currently installed on the soft elicenser. I’d like to upgrade it to Elements 13 and gift it to somebody.

The info is not very clear. In the resale wizard there is no mention of this being a potential problem. However, where it becomes unclear is the wording here:

Upgrades from eLicenser-based products

“Can I sell the “Upgraded to…” license?
This is not allowed as with any other license update/upgrade, the initial license is still part of your entitlement to use the latest software version - this time with the benefit of having two licenses split across two license management systems.”

and here …

Steinberg Licensing

“Can I sell licenses? If so, how?
Yes, you will still be able to sell your retail licenses using the Steinberg Licensing system. We will provide details of this process in the future.
Note, however, after you have updated an existing license for a Steinberg product to a version that uses the new Steinberg Licensing system, although the license for the previous version will remain in your eLicenser, you cannot resell, transfer or update/upgrade that license.”



To me, this one:

seems to be older than this one:

I would follow this article.

Thanks. That’s where I had started but there’s no mention of it there.

Activate it, then follow the resale wizard.

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Thanks. Are you saying it won’t be a problem with the upgrade?

The texts say that after upgrading from version 7 to 13 you will be shown two licenses on your account but they act as one. So you cannot sell/gift Cubase two times, only once.

In short: All is well, don’t worry about it.

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