Has anyone got the Aria Player to work in Dorico?

In the post above about which VST plugins work in Dorico, someone mentioned the Aria player. Maybe this is naive of me, but can we (via the Aria player) use any other sounds besides the ones packaged with Dorico? The sounds I’m used to are so much better than Dorico’s that I’ve resorted to turning off the sounds entirely and entering notes with only visual feedback. I know Steinberg’s planning to expand this but I was wondering what was possible now. There’s really nothing I could find in the help files. Here on the forum there was some talk of altering files and I don’t want to get into any of this.

If you have VST3 compatible plugins, then you should be able to use them without modifying any files. If you have VST2 plugins, then you need to modify files until Dorico releases a whitelist file that includes additional plugins. The Aria player is VST2, so you will need to modify files for now to use that plugin.

Alternatively you can use a VST3 compatible VST2 host such as Vienna Ensemble Pro.

Aria typically works with Garritan libraries. Aria works fine with Dorico, but you have to configure your setup manually.

This was dealt with in a post from early in the month. Take a look at the LAST page (3) of

The easiest way is probably to start from the end of the thread and work backwards until you find a way into the Aria situation.

Thanks for the effort but you might as well be talking Swahili. I’m reminded of the Basic Programming Language manual I got with my very first computer decades ago. I used to be a whiz at mathematics so I thought it’d be a good idea to learn something about computer programming. I read the first chapter and found it overly simplistic and even a little condescending. I turned the page to the second chapter and from that point onwards didn’t understand a single word or idea, an experience which turned me off programming permanently. It never fails to amaze me how unable we all seem to be (perhaps I’m no different, although I sincerely try to be) to think outside of our own personal and professional bubbles of experience and really to help others who aren’t helped at all by having meaningless jargon thrown at them.

If the instructions in the linked thread are too arcane, you should probably wait until the Development Team makes the process of adding VST’s like Aria simpler, which they have said they intend to do.

Thanks, Derrek, I’d already resigned myself to waiting for a simpler solution.

I have add Aria Player in this way. It works great. Loading COMB and JABB. Finale instruments also available.

In what way exactly, Cees?

Manually adding the VST in the Whitelist and XML. Then you can use them inside Dorico

Can you imagine that I have no idea what a Whitelist is, nor where to find it, nor what kind of XML you might mean?

Sorry Vaughan. You can read my tutorial from Mac here : Possible to use Garittan, EZ Drummer or other VST? - Dorico - Steinberg Forums
It stays also in the FAQ at the toplevel of this forum.