Has anyone heard from Glyn?

I’ve emailed him and posted on his Facebook wall but have not received a response. My attempts to contact him started a month ago, and now I’m worried.

Has anyone heard from him?

Saw him on Facebook the other day, last week sometime. Presume he’s OK…

We Skyped last night, he’s keepin’ on, but not getting about too much.

Thank you all. If anyone talks to him, please tell him I’m worried. I consider him to be as close a friend as one can have that I have never met.

I talked to him about a month ago. I was under the assumption that he had written me off… so I decided to attempt a raproachment. I was quite taken aback by his reply – rejecting me as a friend had never even occurred to him. What a wonderful person. I also never really knew that he was disabled in some way… which makes his magnanimousness even more striking

(LOL – I’m sorry Cubase word checker – “magnanimousness” most certainly IS a word and the spelling is indeed correct)

I don’t think magnanimousness is a word? It’s not in the Oxford Dictionary

Only magnanimous.

To be magnanimous about it :mrgreen:

See my PM.


ditto. :sunglasses: