Has anyone heard from Onkel Grusom?

Onkel Grusom, AKA Kim Christiansen of Norway. Guitarist extraordinaire, etc.

I’m a bit worried about him as I haven’t heard from him in many weeks now on Skype, and he is now a ? in my Skype contact list.

So, if anyone has heard from Kim recently, please chime in.

Thanks in advance.

His most recent FB post was the 25th - only four days ago. Prolly not much to worry about.


Except abandonment issues? :laughing:

I’m collaborating with him on a new song. He’s fine. :slight_smile: I will pass the word along to him that you are hoping he is okay.

No. Clearly he doesn’t want to keep in touch.

That’s okay. I was just curious. Thanks.


Hi there I am alive and well.
I haven’t been much on Skype lately though.

I don’t recognize your “name” here though, is that you Bill?

All the best, Kim

Bill say’s …


Nothing better to do sync? Or is that ‘cynic’ - or Brains, or Conman?

:question: Nope, I’m neither of them, no idea why you’d think so. Just giving Bill a hard time. Which by the way, since he was found out again, I haven’t seen him since … at least not under this new name :slight_smile:

Hahahahaha! that is unless… :laughing:

Perhaps I simply choose to avoid conflict, and find higher levels of discourse. I got tired of intellectual slumming. Thanks for your support.

Right on my magnificently large, bald Caucasian brother , I hear whachoo be sayin’ … PEEEACE OUT :ugeek: