Has anyone made an ASIO project for XCode?

I see the ASIO download comes with an outdated CodeWarrior project, but for those of us trying to develop on MacOS 10 and going forward, it would be great to get a project for ASIO and ASIOHost sample which are easily compiled for XCode.

I’m new to Mac programming, but I got the samples building for Windows, and I’ve been a game dev using C and C++ on embedded systems for the last 20 years so hopefully I can help contribute but right now, ASIO and Mac programming is all very new to me.

Thank you for your time,

I am afraid that within minutes of posting this I found that MaxOSX is meant to use CoreAudio2, and not 3rd party drivers. My apologies for the confusion, I see now why it was so difficult to find information on ASIO and MacOSX!

Perhaps this post will help others in the future.