Has anyone solved the white flash on Windows?

When opening plugins there is a blinding white Flash. I’m wondering if anyone has solved this when running Cubase 9 on Windows?

Opening and closing plugins hundreds of times while working on a project with this occurence is very hard on the eyes.

Please see video


I’ve never had this.


Me neither

“The white flash” - good name for a song, never had it though.

Never had this either… GPU specific or perhaps graphic driver issue or feature.

Are you running windows bootcamp on Apple hardware?

Boot camp however I’ve read several threads on this forum by users on native Windows machines who have this issue.

For windows, it’s part of Cubase 9.0. Turning on window animations can help.

For plugins, check if it doesn’t flash in other DAWs. It can just be because of the plugin. There’s no way to fix it.

Nvidia chipset on your Mac? Try installing updating/installing the drivers found on nvidia.com.

On bootcamp sometimes (don’t know why) the nvidia stuff isn’t recognized as it should so windows thinks you have some $50 chipset.

The flash is so fast that I only noticed it after watching this video. 120Hz monitor.

It really does depend on the plugin. Valhalla plugins don’t have it for example.

Thanks for all your replies. I did update the drivers on my video card which didn’t change anything and I played around with turning animations both on and off which also does not seem to affect the Flash. However one thing I just noticed with Nexus is that it flashes a black screen just as it opens which is much more tolerable and easier on the eyes. Please see video


I have the white flash on 4 different computers, some AMD gfx some nVidia, does not make a difference.
I pose like a photo model every time I open the mixer.

I too have that flash on plugins on 2 different windows pcs. But as Romantique TP said, I haven’t really noticed it until this thread.

The worst offenders I have found are Halion Sonic 3 Groove Agent 4 and opening the full mixer is almost blinding. lol
I upgraded to Windows 10 as well and have noticed no difference.

The white flashes in the Cubase GUI are fixed in C9.5.0. The plugins can probably only be fixed by their developers…

Thank you! That is stellar news! :slight_smile:

Still evident on 9.5 here on Windows 10, ASUS R7 240 Series graphics. But only really noticeable on Halion sonic SE3 and similar GUIs which seem to take a long time to draw. No problem opening main mixer or most 3rd party plugs. In summary, it’s a slight nuisance, but not a showstopper

Maybe Steinberg can update these plugins to not have the flashes. What is fixed is the native windows like the MixConsole, which I personally think is major.

Confirmed that Groove Agent 4 and Halion Sonic 3 still suffer from the white flash on Windows in C 9.5.

Please update these plugins Steinberg.

Confirmed now that windows in Cubase 10 still flash on Win 8.1.

Anyone have a solution?