Has anyone tried N11 with Eucon 2020.11 and Avid Control

My Artist Series Controllers are very stable on Eucon 2020.6.0.11. Now that Avid has released 2020.11, my Artist Control app no longer works, since it’s now “mis-matched.” As this app NEVER worked for me, because of the crashing bug, I have very little motivation to update to Eucon 2020.11.

The rollout for this iteration, was a nightmare to watch on the Avid forums. It wasn’t working with Pro Tools! They eventually got all of the major stuff sorted. But I didn’t see much on NON PT users.

Now that N11 is out, I thought I would see a couple of posts regarding Eucon and AC. Since that hasn’t happened yet, I thought I’d just ask. Are there ANY improvements, however slight on AC with Nuendo/Cubase or, at the very least, is it the same as the last iteration?

zero difference

The actual EUCON driver is the same version number .

No changes have been made to Eucon for this initial release.
However, they are currently working on that for the first maintenance release.
Can’t give you details about the release, but historically this is always pretty fast after the release of a new version.


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That’s odd. If there’s no difference, I shouldn’t be receiving the MISMATCH ERROR message. So, SOMEthing is different.

BTW, since this thread is getting a response and the other one I posted isn’t, I’ll ask the question here. Is there anywhere in the preference settings to change the appearance to a lighter mixer/environment? I really don’t like the dark environment.

I’m using the latest iPad control app with n11 - connects fine here. Version numbers need to be the same on app and nuendo/cubase obvioulsy.

Windows 10

I use it with a AVID Dock…LOVE it