Has audio editing resolution improved?

Contemplating an upgrade from 2 to 3. But I can’t find this anywhere…

In 2, audio editing on the timeline is fairly low resolution. Have they increased the detail to which you can cut and move audio on the timeline? Plenty of info about increased resolution for MIDI but not audio.


Hi jameslondon74,

Thanks for your message.

Please describe what you’re missing exactly, including a short workflow example.



hey Lars,

I would like to know if the resolution for audio editing has been increased in 3, from where it was in 2?

In the ‘whats new’ it says MIDI resolution has increased, but nothing about audio resolution.


Hi jameslondon74,

The MIDI resolution has been changed with Cubasis 3 to improve editing capacities, unavailable in Cubasis 2.
We are not aware of issues in regards to audio editing at this point.


Thanks Lars, I’m specifically asking about whether the audio resolution has changed from 2 to 3? Or is it the same?