Has Channel Strip gained generic remote functionality yet?


I asked this question on the forums once Cubase 7 was first released, and at the time I was out of luck, but as I don’t have 7.5 or anything later I’d like to ask again…

Is there functionality yet to control the Channel Strip parameters for the selected channel with a generic remote yet? Last time I asked, the only way was through work around with quick controls, but I’d like to know if the actual functionality has been added yet before I upgrade.


may I ask: Was it removed by the upgrade from 6.5 to 7? Because it used to work in Versions before 7 and I did not check so far.

Cheers, Ernst

No, you can’t, it’s not implemented still

Maybe somebody from Steinberg can kindly chime in and let us know when it is planned for Generic Remote to be updated with full set of new functions for the selected channel? Thank you.


Hi, I thought it was implemented, but it never was.

I am afraid that GR is still the “bastard Feature” (I Quote Steinberg saying that) of Cubase.

The issue goes deeper… there are still Control Room functions that are not exposed as Key Commands and/or GR accessible functions. You can for example not control the click on/off on the cue channels, etc. etc. You cannot even assign Quick Controls to those.

Somehow the selection of what is controlleable and what is not is absolutely random.

I daresay that Steinberg has completly lost track of this Topic.

I am a lucky user of Euphonics Devices which allow to control the channel Strip…

Cheers, Ernst