Has Cubase a wave graph showing "stereo out"?

When I export a project then I can open the exported file in an media player and see the whole wave. Is there a way to see this without waiting for the mixdown?


Sorry, you have to export it. But you can also import it back to the project automatically. So you don’t have to observe the waveform in other software.

Pitty to hear that it is not available. To me this seems like a valuable feature. All info is already there (the “stereo out” meter already shows the actual value). Now I have to wait 20 sec…

Indeed directly importing it in the project saves starting an external program.
By the way: in the “after export” pulldown it also would be handy to have a possibbility to Choose “open folder in explorer”

Not really. The final amplitude is not known until the file has rendered (or played through from start to end).
If you think about it, how would Cubase know what the end of a Stereo Out waveform would look like if that part of the project has never been played? Also, there are non-linear plugins that generate different results every time, like a modulation type effect that is not synced to the host tempo or emulations of analog processors.

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Understand that. I’ll wait 20 sec :slight_smile: