Has Cubase Decided It Does Not Approve of Parentheses?


I’m changing the names of some .wav files by editing the track name. I’ve done this for many, many years.

I used parentheses - as I have done for many, many years.

On saving, I look for the new files that should have been created. Can’t find them.

That’s them I notice that Cubase 8.5 decided to re-write the file names - removing the parenthesis and using a dash.

Pad (Ionosphere).wav

On save became:


Is anyone else noticing this?


You have no system specs listed.some file systems do not support brackets. Are you a Mac user? What version of Windows? Are you saving to a new FAT drive? FAT32? NTFS? Are we mindreaders? Give some details and somebody may be able to help.

You are right. My irritation overcame my attention to detail.

I’m running Windows 7 64-bit NTFS.

I looked in some other Cubase projects built in v6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 and 8. Plenty of .wav files with parentheses in the file name.

Even if there is a solution, get used to using squeaky-clean-legal file names in EVERYTHING you do on any computer. Some operating systems and some applications are more tolerant than others. But you can’t go wrong if you stick to alpha-numeric, underscores and hyphens.

As someone who works with computers every day, I understand and appreciate your admonition. :smiley:

My point is that it has become fatiguing how (which each version of Cubase) I find small things I rely on - and have become part of my workflow - seem to have changed for no reason I can discern.

I remember there being a bug in v8 which forced cubase to crash if parenthesis were used in the file name. Plug-ins which had multiple outputs (B) (output C), etc. would crash Cubase when RIP with parenthesis in the file name. I’m guessing these issues are related.

It did not experience that bug with v8, but you may be right.

It did when you Rendered In Place

Thanks for that. I have no need to render in place, so I was unaware there were any issues.

If I remember correctly, Vienna Ensemble Pro was crashing when rendering in place as it used parentheses in the file names.

Exactly. And there were others.

There was a time when Cubase crashed when ä, ö, ü were used in the track name… :laughing:

And you could only have eight letters in a file name :astonished:

A world of wonders is a can of worms :laughing:

I’m so old that I’m from a time where any HighBit character in a file name would crash pretty much any program, or even worse corrupt the file system leaving the file inaccessible :slight_smile:
But seriously the inability to use ( ) points to a issue in the code, and should be looked at.