Has everyone spotted the scrolling track names

I think this is undocumented for the arrange page, but the track names (if long) will scroll when the mouse is over them, and a pop up box shows the full name.

This is one of those little unlisted updates that you get with a new version, that you stumble across.

Has anyone else found something anything else undocumented (or just not obvious)?

Yup, very cool. :smiley:

Yes…cool thing.

I noticed several improvements. A cool one is the little space before bar 1.

All in all this is a great version. And it’s awful quiet in byg world huh?

Yes… I keep hovering my mouse over a track name, in the hope that it will scroll how the Lakers game was playing out, or the Dow Jones :mrgreen: .

They will probably find a way to bring us ads using this feature. :slight_smile:

hahaha…yeah “get ripped in 2 weeks - click here”…

There seems an element of inevitabilty to that in the future ! :unamused:

The scrolling can be seen in various places, not just the track names.

Seems to be a solution to anywhere where the text doesn’t fit into its display box - a problem thats been in all mac versions (don’t know about pc) up till now.

It doesn’t scroll below the mixer faders which would be a useful place - even more so when channels are set to ‘narrow’

It’s a good feature, but could be taken a bit further IMO


moaning FR:
I would like to set the speed of the scrolling track names!!!

yes, it´s an elementary feature ( )
no, I prefer to make music ( )
no matter I can´t read anyway ( )


[/jokin abpart]

Yep nice addition! would be cool to see it throughout cubase where needed though… big step in the right direction though!



It doesn’t scroll below the mixer faders which would be a useful place - even more so when channels are set to ‘narrow’

It’s a good feature, but could be taken a bit further IMO


Yes, will be nice to have it in the mixer too

+1! Yes please, kind of strange it’s not in the mixer…


looks funny and much better than the previous cryptic “Guit…ortion” or whatever

Maybe it’s been mentioned but:
You can now rename the Channels of multi output VSTi like Kontakt in the Track List

instead of
Kt. aux 1 L
Kt. aux 2 L
Kt. aux 3 L
Kt. aux 4 L

excuse my ignorance, but how and where do I do this?

Two possibilities…

  1. At the bottom of the Mixer Channel for the VSTi output
  2. In the Project window, inside the VST Instruments folder

This isn’t anything new, I have been doing this in Cubase 5 all the time, unless I am missing something here?

same place as the Audio and MIDI track names but for the Multi Output VSTi instead. :wink:
in versions < 6.0 it wasn’t possible and that created some noise in the old forum.
I just tried to see what happened and lo and behold!!! :open_mouth:
Now it works! :sunglasses:

Thanks for the info, though I admit, I must be completely daft here as I have always been able to rename my multi outs in Cubase 5 from a VSTi. For a test I loaded up Halion 3, activated all outputs and was able to rename those outputs in Cubase 5 and 6 just as I always have. Same with renaming them on the bottom of the Mixer. I guess I just don’t see what all the excitement is. I even loaded up two instances of Halion 3 in the rack and was able to rename both sets of outputs without issue. Shoot me I’m stupid!

Save a few bullets for me, if I’m wrong??? :blush:

My first reaction when I saw the scrolling names for the tracks was:
“Oh, cool! maybe they changed the VSTi names as well?”
Never did it occur to me that it could have been working properly all along!
Where did I get this idea from? :astonished:



There is an Audio and a MIDI section for all the VSTi instances in the track list. The Audio part can have its name changed but not the MIDI section. I guess I never got beyond trying in previous versions haha. Oh, well … Now evern I know what’s probably been working correctly since forever :blush: