Has Halion 7.... per voice effects?

a question that i can’t seem to get an answer to, used other forums, youtube, manual. etc.

not much time to demo it, so i must i ask it.

does Halion 7 have per voice effects, like Falcon 3 in the Keygroup, or Phase Plant has. to mention some examples.

so per voice, i.e. polyphonic effects.

Halion 6 doesn’t have per-voice effects. I’m not quite sure about Halion7 (as I’m still on v6), but as far as I know it doesn’t have either.

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that is most straightforward answer, i got. thank you, asked it in other forums.

google of course, manual of Halion 7, YT vids. when it is difficult to find, mostly it does not exist (or i made mistakes).

well, is it a dealbreaker? still Halion 7 seems to me sound design beast, next to … others … so …

thanks again!

You’re welcome !

And not only that it doesn’t feature per-voice effects but it also doesn’t feature FX parameters modulation, meaning that you cannot modulate (using the modmatrix) the parameters of the effects with stuff like LFOs, envelopes, velocity, aftertouch, etc. And this is quite a massive limitation in my opinion.


You can do a lot with the scripting engine - so don’t know if it’s possible to do it that way. But there comes a that point you’re not really sound designing but doing an IT job, and both Falcon and HALion can feel like that at times.

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i have now a trial, and indeed could’t find FX parameters modulations…

that is quite a drawback.

@skijumptoes yes with scripting… and yes; as you wrote that is sometimes more an IT job, especially for quite ‘standard’ stuff…

scripting can be usefull when it delivers and feels more as sound design…

MSoundFactory, some effects, like TurboReverb and TurboFilter, you can write your own code, and that is much easier, because it is scripting, but within a context, and can give great results. and the code does not have to so verbose.
for the first time something is much easier within the Melda ecosystem…

well, a lot to take in.

no per-voice effects, i can live with that, but no parameter modulation of effects??

for a sound design monster i expect all, without scripting.

a pity, i repeat, because the well, everything is really, really great.

As the internal structure (signal routing and processing) of Halion doesn’t allow per-voice effects I have massive doubts that you can accomplish that via scripting.

My thoughts exactly. :frowning:

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You could route notes to go out on a different aux which contains the FX, is what I was thinking. I’ve never been all that inclined to involve myself in HALion scripting, the interface is tricky enough! So not sure what there is to do in there. :slight_smile:

Polyphonic patches and such like would make this a whole lot harder, but that was what I had in my mind. Almost like a wet % adjustment for the duration of that note, or range of notes.

Let’s be honest, Falcon is killing it when you compare the two. But if you’re an absolute owner the ‘all in’ cost of HALion and all it’s libraries is probably the better for bread and butter sounds.

I think it’s when you start to delve into modern sound design and the modulation/fx options that it really starts to show it’s age. And let’s not mention the MIDI sequencing abilities - Flexphrase is so out-dated and you can’t even MIDI out to another track unlike Falcon 3.

To me, It is what it is, a bit of a Dinosaur style monster. :slight_smile:

I see what you mean. Yes, maybe you could implement a workaround like that, although I’m not quite sure how would you do that, but even if you could it would be quite cumbersome and convoluted to use, and definitely not intuitive and fun. :slight_smile:

Indeed. I agree 100%

I will second that I have wanted on some occasions to modulate the effects as well. Not often, but it would be cool.

Amadeus e.d.p.

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I’m on the synth short bus. What is “per voice effects?” Like effects per oscillator?
The modulation matrix is no friend of mine! :joy:

Amadeus e.d.p.

per voice effects, or polyphonic effects, i like to call them per voice effects, because that is what they are.

each voice from a source, an oscillator for example, is processed independently.

but that only works if FX parameters can be modulated…

EDIT: still it is sound design beast. outdated? no. it has very powerful features, but as always, are those features usefull for how you work, or can extend how you work.

Thanks Howl,

I appreciate it. That DOES sound interesting. So would you be able to insert a reverb at the OSC level? Is that what we are talking here?

Polyphonic Aftertouch: Do we have this in Halion? Why am I so basic right now? :grin: I personally don’t LIKE aftertouch, regardless of single channel or not. But it does seem all the rage these days PLUS that HydraSynth keeps calling me. Like loudly.

Amadeus e.d.p.

it isn’t at OSC level.

but i understand why phrase it that way.

an effect, what can be any kind of audio8 ‘modifier’ comes after an OSC can even take several sources or OSC.

the effect itself must be polyphonic, i.e. can modify seperate voices.

the advantage is obvious, but depends of course on what you want and if it makes sense.

not for all effects, is said, but why not break rules.

sense: the same setting of an effect for each voice, costs only CPU. but different settings for each voice, by polyphonic modulation. that makes sense…

just like with… MPE, per voice modulation (if one key represents one voice, which does not have to be of course).
or per key modulation…

not everyone likes MPE, i know people who own MPE controllers, but don’t use them anymore, or almost…

for me it gave a new dimension to making presets and sounds.

o yes!

a filter of a polyphonic synth is always also polyphonic. when you trigger the ADSR, for example, for a filter, you can hear it that it is per voice.

imagine that for a range of effects…

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Very good description of what per-voice effects are and how important and useful this feature is for creating very complex, organic and expressive sounds, especially when working with an MPE controller and an MPE-capable synth. Spot on, @Howl!

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Yikes. That still went over my head. Give me a couple days.

I’m more on the effects side. 95% of my sound design is answering the question “How do I tie 5 or more layers together to sound like one unified sound”. In those scenarios…you are mainly EQ/Filter/Compression because otherwise it’s just a bunch of junk layers on top of each other.

I hope you guys get what you want though! Sounds cool! Plus, Falcon is getting too close. It’s giving me hives. :joy: One thing you can’t take away from UVI is Work Ethic. Those dudes are literally on FIRE to be Number One. They moved up close to Halion exceptionally quickly.

Amadeus e.d.p.


Yes, I’ve come to realize the only voice effect is the bit crusher and drive you find in the filter.
HALion is missing:

  • per voice effects
  • effects modulation
  • saving of bus fx chains
  • templates for sample import
  • templates for scripting
  • use case examples with easy to follow instructions for making templates, importing samples, building a macro page, scripting.
    A lot can be done by Steinberg to help the user to use the product.