Has HALion One been ditched on Cubase 7?

I just noticed on my Cubase 7.03 that HALion One is missing. Is that right? Or am I missing something?

I looked through all my C7 installers but cannot find an installer for HALion One. Found one for HALion Sonic SE but not HALion One. I do, however, find it’s installer on my Cubase 6 disk.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s no great loss if they have ditched it. But if not, and it’s missing for some other reason, then it should be there, right?

So which is it?


Edit: This may be because I have hardly ever used this VSTi. So long as I know

Yes, it’s gone/replaced by Halion Sonic SE but works from any previous installer.

Thanks for that, phew! It was never an instrument I would use in a project but sometimes came in useful for checking new plug-ins quickly. Just load it with a drum beat, or whatever, and insert your new compressor, EQ, Reverb etc, and have a play.

But thanks for the response. I see the preset I would often use for this, SR 120 BPM Loop, is present in Halion sonic SE. So all is good.

Cheers :wink:

Edit: Out of interest, how long has it been gone? I’m sure I had it in Cubase 6.5, which was probably the last time I used it like this.

Last time I was able to use it was in CB 5.5. It was quite a hassle to install and try and get to work in CB 6

Aloha guys,

just to chime in,
Not sure how (I’m all 64 bit) but HAO does work here using C7.0.3. (kinda)

It will ask to bring up the VST Bridge and
not ALL the patches are accessible but it does work.

HTH (hope this helps)