Has key command timing changed?

I have a Preh Keytec USB programmable keyboard that I have set up to send out keycommands and macros.

One set of key commands correspond to the mixers. So one key opens mixer 1, another for 2 etc. Whenever I press the keycommand for any mixer except #1, the mixer will open fine. But when pressing the same button to close it will instead open mixer #1. I then have to press #1’s key to close #1, then the other mixer’s key a second time.

It seems to me that between updates the timings change. Previously I’ve been able to slow the output of key-strings in my Preh keyboard (“Slow output”) to deal with it, but now that doesn’t seem to work.

What’s going on here?

PS: it works with my regular keyboard which is a PS/2 keyboard, as well as with a Contour Shuttle Pro v2

Afaik, nothing has changed in that area.


Well that’s weird, because I don’t recall 6.0.7 behaving that way…

From working more with Nuendo 7 it seems that it isn’t the timings of receiving key commands that changed, it’s the way Nuendo now manages windows (on a single monitor).

In addition to open/close windows other macros are affected by this. I have one which I’m using for opening OMFs to get through dialogs faster, and another for correctly replacing regions on a track, and both fail with more than one window and one app open.

For my workflow this is pretty terrible. I either spend a great deal of time reprogramming not just my external keyboard but also my key commands in Nuendo, or I give up on it. But there’s really no guarantee it’ll work if I start messing with different commands I guess. And who knows what Steinberg will think of next.