Has MIDI Monitor been removed from Cubase Pro 12 & what alternative?

In the past I have found the MIDI Monitor in Cubase to be very helpful with past issues, although I never needed it in Pro 11 as everything worked as it should.

I have checked in Pro 11 & more importantly, Pro 12 and I can not seem to find it.

Has it been removed and are there any alternatives with the same (or better features)?

I do use MIDI OX but that only monitors MIDI outside of Cubase, I need something that can monitor, and report, what MIDI is being received within Cubase.

It’s still there. It’s a “MIDI effect” you have to insert into one of the MIDI insert slots.

Hi @mlindeb

Yep I know its a MIDI Effect and I did say that I have used it with great sucess in earlier versions of Cubase.

In Cubase Pro 12 I have an instance of Prologue open on a instrument/MIDI track, Click on Inserts, Scroll down to the Steinberg section and check every folder, nothing no MIDI Monitor.

On the Insert popup, search MIDI, or Monitor - nothing is found.

You’re looking in the Audio Inserts, or MIDI inserts on the Instrument track?

This feature works.

If you’re having a problem it will be necessary to post the steps to reproduce.

Sorry everyone…

DOH my bad, I was trying to insert it on an instrument track (to monitor the midi being sent by a MIDI controller). Its been a number of years since I used MIDI Monitor and I completely forgot that it has to be a MIDI track.

Thanks for all of the suggestions.

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As others have already stated, you can insert it onto an Instrument Track.

You just have to put it into MIDI Inserts, instead of Audio Inserts.


@paka You are a bit late to the party

I had already marked this thread as solved thanks @steve

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